Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Couples Foot Massage Class

Need an awesomely fun and reasonably priced date night?

Yes! you do!!!  And, I have the answer to your dilema.  Attend the "Couples Foot Massage Class" at Serene Rejuvenation.  Saturday, February 11th at 6:30pm and only $25 per couple. What a great way to spend a saturday night.  O.K. you might have to convince your hubby that this would be fun.  Just tell him we will have food and he will get a great foot massage!  Don't worry we will even do a soak and scrub so you get to touch super clean and yummy smelling feet for the massaging part.  What a great way to give your spouse a little extra pampering right before Valentines Day

Anyone attending this class will be eligible to purchase a one hour relaxation massage gift certificate for only $45 (no limit on number of gift certificates purchased-must be purchased on day of class)
This could be used as a Valentines Day gift for a spouse, friend, parent, or co-worker.  Show someone you appreciate them by giving the gift of relaxation!

Contact Colleen or Tamara to Sign up for this event

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